The firm provides extensive legal services covering all aspects of Intellectual Property with an emphasis on patents, using comprehensive knowledge in various high-tech areas, including Software and Hardware, Cyber, AI, Internet, FinTech, Biotech, Medical Devices, Communications and more.

The firm's professionals specialize in building a strategic plan by mapping the company’s innovation and identifying candidates for patent protection. Based on the strategic plan, the client receives actionable recommendations that account for the client's goals and business needs.

Patent Strategy

The patent attorneys in our firm all have rich backgrounds in technology and practical industry experience, and are able to quickly extract relevant information from inventors, draft patent applications that provide a broad scope of protection, and accompany the examination process of the applications in synchronicity between all territories in which the applications are filed, until registration.

Patent Prosecution Process

Using advanced data mining systems, our patent attorneys conduct prior art searches, and provide clients with detailed search reports, including an initial analysis of search results.

Prior Art Search

Our extensive expertise and experience in the field of patents enables us to provide professional and extensive due diligence services, including an in-depth analysis of patent portfolios in preparation for investment agreements, acquisitions, mergers and other business activities.

Due Diligence

Companies often spend money on patent protection, yet do not generate revenue from their patents. In some cases, revenues can be generated from patents - by selling them or by selling licenses to use them. Our firm helps companies explore these opportunities and realize the business potential behind patents.

Intellectual Property Commercialization

Open source licenses require both legal and technical understanding - an ability to analyze legal texts of the various licenses as well as technological understanding of different types of technical implementations. The firm's lawyers and patent attorneys have extensive experience in analyzing the various implementations and providing professional opinions on open source usage.

Open Source

Trademark registration is an integral and essential part of creating, anchoring and protecting the trade name of a company or its products. The firm provides trademark registration services to a wide variety of clients, including providing comprehensive consultation regarding trademark strategy and management, providing opinions regarding the registration eligibility of trademarks, preliminary searches, filing applications for registration in Israel and worldwide and handling oppositions.


An Industrial Design provides protection over the external appearance of a product or part thereof (noting that a product can also be an electronic user interface). The external appearance of a product can be manifested by its shape, its color or the material the product is made of. An owner of a registered Industrial Design has the right to prevent third parties from manufacturing, selling or importing products that are copies of the protected Industrial Design, or that are substantially similar to the protected Industrial Design. The Firm's team has extensive experience in registering Industrial Designs in Israel and abroad, as well as providing strategic consultation services which take into account the clients' business needs.

In addition, the Firm offers preliminary search and due-diligence services and provides assistance in determining the likelihood and the profitability of registering the Industrial Design, on top of providing legal opinions and drafting agreements relating to Industrial Designs.

Industrial Design

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